Broken Keys

If you have ever been faced with the problem of having a broken car key, you know what a sense of panic it can instill. You will wonder how you will be able to even open your car door if it is locked, or how you will be able to start your car. Regardless of the cause of the broken key, you will need the services of an automotive specialist to get into your car and get it started, with a brand-new key in hand.
Broken Key
If the key has broken off inside the lock, the key needs to be extracted. This is a service that all locksmiths can easily perform. If the key has not lodged too far inside the lock, you might be able to get it out on your own but take care about continuing to use your spare key. If any small fragments of the key have lodged themselves inside the lock, continuing to use your spare key over and over again will damage the lock and cause the locking system to be damaged, sometimes beyond repair. It will then need to be entirely replaced. Only try to remove the key if you can get a grip easily on the key, otherwise, it is always best to have it professionally extracted.
An automotive locksmith can usually extract or replace any type of broken car key and provide you with a duplicate key immediately. Vehicle identification numbers (VIN numbers) are not needed, nor is the ‘keycode’ necessary to make a key to the vehicle.
Our locksmiths will be able to provide all these services regardless of the make, model, or year of your car. Be sure that any locksmith you call is licensed and bonded before you hire them as this is your protection and guarantee that they know their trade and will not cause you further problems.
Many newer luxury cars have advanced locking mechanisms that have been designed to deter theft. Trying to open one of these vehicles without proper training may cause additional security measures to engage. Make sure anyone trying to open your vehicle knows about and how to get past these features.

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