Chip Keys

Can a Chip Car Key be replaced? (Transponder / Electronic Key)

Almost every new car comes with a specially designed car key with a chip inside. These are commonly referred to as transponder immobilizer keys and they are part of the very best technology being used today to combat auto theft. Inside the head of the key is a chip that has a radio frequency that signals and transmits a unique digital code meant only for the car for which it was programmed. Likewise, the car has been programmed to recognize the digital code that the key sends out. Many new cars are also programmed to shut down entirely if a person tries to start it with the wrong chip key. This new technology is proving to be the very best way to thwart automobile thieves before they even start.

What should I do if my Chip Car Key stops working or is lost?

But what do you do if you have lost your chip car key? If you are in a location that is not too far away from the dealership from which you purchased your car, you can go there and get a new one. They will have access to the special digital code and will be able to sell you a new chip car key that will work in your car. You should be prepared, however, because they will charge you a very hefty fee to replace your chip car key. Some dealerships will charge upwards of $300-400 for a new key to be made.

The best option to obtain a chip car key replacement is to contact our office and have one made.

Chip Car Key
Cars with this type of locking mechanism have very specific and intricate electrical wiring. They also contain very sophisticated ECU and computer modules. Though these electrical systems and modules have been designed to last, sometimes they will wear out prematurely and so you might find yourself being faced with a car that will not unlock at three in the morning after you’ve just had a night of dancing at your favourite club. In a case like this, it is always best to call a locksmith to help.

Our locksmiths have had years of training and will be able to replace your chip car key in no time at all. We have the equipment needed to do the job and have received the training which gives us the knowledge and skill needed.

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