Be Aware!

NOTE: Be aware of locksmiths who are NOT properly licensed.

If their I.D. shows “Automotive By-pass” they are NOT allowed to carry pick tools for homes, and should not be opening your house. The automotive part is meant only for car opening tools. Period.

It has to say “locksmith” or “locksmith apprentice”. Please do ask for Identification especially if they arrive in an unmarked car. Many have a ” bait and switch” tactic. Low price, or no service call rates. ALL locksmiths have a call-out fee that usually starts around $65 and up. They cannot operate for less! Please be aware, it should never be “pieced together pricing” or “how hard” it is. Its a base rate for any car.

If the price escalates on site and the number you called quoted differently, simply ask them to leave as your probably dealing with an unlicensed company or “scam” operation. If they refuse to leave and you feel intimidated, simply call the Police. They don’t want to get caught and fined.

NO properly licensed company in Canada has a 1-800 call center. Those are hired contractors… most of whom are not licensed through the province and solicitor general. As well, if you phone 5 different numbers and get the same person, it’s a call center – even if it’s local.

These “companies” pay a heavy fee to be listed first on popular Internet search engines like Google©, Bing© etc. to keep getting the calls first. You can contact the solicitor general’s website for a list of “active and licensed ” companies. Protect your home and car from an untrained tech. The price reflects it, so does your peace of mind.

If you are told the technician will have to call you back, it’s a clear sign of a false locksmith. Most companies dispatch direct. If you need a house tech, that’s what’s sent to you.

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